Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 12

It has been a cold, gray day; fitting for what was in store.  The Tulsa Photogs Meetup group had a gathering today at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa to view Black on Black and White: The Southwest of Laura Gilpin and Maria Martinez and shoot in and around the museum in black and white.  It was a fun outing with fun people.  I hope you like what I saw in black and white.

New growth on a rose bush in the middle
of Oklahoma's so far non-existent winter.

I'll leave this one up to your imagination.

Statue by Rodin in the rotunda of the 
museum along with a visitor getting just the right 
angle for his shot.

It looks cold, doesn't it?

At first glance, this sculpture looks very tender.
When you realize the woman is kissing 
a faceless oval, it seems sort of creepy. 

Fireplace detail.

My shooting buddy Mary watching 
two tiny videos set to music.

Shadows of an exhibit.

More fireplace detail.

A Senufo Helmet Mask in the African Art room.

A section of the rotunda ceiling.

My last shot of the day.

Seeing in black and white today made me take some shots I normally wouldn't have taken.  Fun stuff.


Rainey Vivier said...

I look forward to your 12-of-12 Sunny! I always see things differently due to your influence. Thanks!

Mary Ellis said...

I do, too! It's been fun shooting with you these last coupla years. Nicely done 12. I particularly like the patterns and geometrics of the dome in black and white. Good composition.