Saturday, January 12, 2008

My grandmother's China Doll in a secretary in my foyer. Her dress is patterned after the dress my grandmother is wearing in the photograph of her in the picture.

Railroad Bridge over White River, Cotter, Arkansas

Cotter Bridge, Baxter County, Arkansas

Sign at Big Spring Park, Cotter, Arkansas

Swimming Hole, Big Spring Park

Flag Bench, Big Spring Park

Well Head, Big Spring Park

Sign on Well Head Structure, Big Spring Park

Train, Big Spring Park

Fly Fisherman, White River, Cotter, Arkansas

Tree along White River, Cotter, Arkansas

Barn, Gassville, Arkansas


graphsman said...

What a nice 12 of 12 ! My favorite pics is the last one, with the barn..

Dogeared said...

Welcome to 12 of 12! Hope you had fun, and thanks for showing me the park!


beth said...

Great shots! So pretty!!

Zippy said...

Beautiful shots! I love the pool with the reflections in it.

Scooter said...

Your pictures are great but the last one is poster worthy. You have a great eye!

Carlie said...

wow great pics!

I think the last one's my fave!

Hibe said...

Hi Sunny,
As always your photos are great. All I had to shoot was urban squalor.

Bonnie said...

It's like a trip back in time! Wow!

Lipp said...

Cool pics. Makes me want to get out of the city. Thanks for the reminder.

Poun said...

Beautiful pictures ! I really like them all, it's so gorgeous !

Susan said...

great shots! I personally love the flag bench!! thanks for sharing.

JPWK said...

I'm going through all the 12of12ers and I thoroughly enjoyed your Nature 12 of 12. Very well done. Thank you. Jennica, Frederick, MD